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8th Grade Science Fair 2021

One of the vital educational experiences for a Frassati eighth-grader is participation in the class science fair. Eighth-graders pick a topic for their Science Fair project at the end of their seventh-grade year, so they are ready to start at the beginning of their eighth-grade year. They will then develop their idea into a question that they can be tested.  Their question will follow the format, “How does (input) affect (output?)  Next, they develop a hypothesis to answer this question. They will then design their experiment to test this hypothesis and keep track of the results.  When the experiment is done, they will examine their results.  As part of this comprehensive science fair project, the students are required to make a poster to display what summarizes their experiment.  They then present their project in late January to select judges. The due dates are paced out starting in September of their eighth-grade year, e.g the purpose and hypothesis are due late September, then materials are due by mid-October, and so on. 
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