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Welcome to the Frassati Family Association (FFA)

The Frassati Family Association (FFA) would like to welcome you to Frassati! We are a volunteer organization made up of parents and guardians who are all dedicated to the success of our school and the successful education of our children. The FFA works hard to help make the school year enjoyable and exciting for the students, teachers, and parents.

Our purpose is to advance Catholic Education and the spiritual and educational development of Frassati Catholic Academy students while promoting family-school communication, providing social activities for all students and families, and supporting our teachers and staff. 

The FFA uses volunteer resources and donations to support our school, staff, and students!  FFA has two main fundraisers yearly: Fund Run and the Raise Right Gift Card program.  The funds raised go to support our FFA events and programs, as well as whole school needs, like technology or maintenance items.  Watch for more fundraiser information to come! 

We are looking forward to meeting all Frassati families and hope many of you can get involved with the FFA this school year.  We encourage you to participate in our many events as well!   Some of our events include Pastries with Parents, Mother/Son Night, Breakfast with Santa, Teacher Appreciation Week, Frassati Day, Very Special Person Day, and more!  Everything we do is based on volunteers, and we are always looking for many of you to help make a difference in the lives of our children.  Many hands make light work!  Please see the attached schedule and events description for more information! 

The FFA meets monthly at school on a Tuesday evening to discuss events, plan fundraisers, and share ideas. These dates can be found in the FFA folder, Monday Message, and school calendar.   This is a wonderful way to earn volunteer hours and stay connected to our school community!  We hope you can participate and help us make the 2023-2024 school year a great success! 

Officers 2023-2024

President: Katie Aspegren

Vice President: Cathy Sutherland

Secretary: Sarah Blasco

Room Parent Coordinator

/Exec Board: Lorena Hamilton

FFA Board Members 2023-2024

Board Member& Restaurant Coordinator: Alanna Ackerson

Board Member & SCRIP: Marcey Gaughan

Board Member Spiritual Coordinator: Karen Lazaro

Board Member: Season Jabcon

Board Member: Jenny Dirzo

Board Member: Amie Russo Choate

Board Member: Cassandra Dye

Board Member: Jacalyn Itter

Board Member: Carol Tortorice

Board Member: Kristin Lockwood

8th Grade Parent: Janel Kovarik

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