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Frassati Catholic Academy is defined by the strength of the community that exists between students, teachers, and parents who work together for the well-being of the children.  We provide a welcoming, nurturing environment that serves as the backdrop for a holistic approach to education.  Learning occurs in a disciplined environment that promotes individual expression, collaboration, inquiry, and personal responsibility. 

Our curriculum includes religious education, mathematics, science, language arts, social studies, and physical education. In addition to a curriculum that aligns with rigorous academic standards, students can explore the arts through music, art classes, and the study of Spanish.  The well-rounded, inquiry-based approach to education calls students to active learning that focuses on questioning, evaluation, discovery, creation, and moral decision-making. Our students are challenged to think critically and creatively.

CLICK HERE to view Curriculum Standards governed by the Archdiocese of Chicago

Development of the Arts

  • Band Program

  • Music Program

  • Art Program

  • Drama and Art Clubs

  • Robotics Club

Integrated Technology

  • Wireless Network throughout our campus

  • One to One Computing Program in Grades 4th to 8th Grade

  • Technology Stations in 3rd through 5th Grade Classrooms

  • Computer/Technology Class offered PreK through 5th Grade

  • Online Options for Presentations, Assessments and Research

  • Use of E-support that Aligns with Texts in Math, Social Studies and Spanish

  • Computer Projector and/or Smart Boards in each Classroom


Rigorous Curriculum

  • Curriculum aligned with Common Core Standards

  • Accelerated Reader Program

  • Advanced Math & ELA Grouping

  • Inquiry Based Approach to Learning

  • High School Prep Spanish Program

  • STEM, Drama & Newspaper Electives in Grades 6th through 8th Grade

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