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Welcome to our School's Virtual Backpack!

The Virtual Backpack is designed to provide our families with easy access to school information, flyers and happenings, while being eco-friendly.

We are now posting approved information on this "Virtual Backpack" web page. It is estimated that this saves nearly 2,000 hours per year in labor, as well as conserves natural resources and we hope to continue to move in this eco-friendly manner more and more each year, eventually elimiting the use of paper flyers. 

During the school year, regular notices are sent to families through classroom and campus folders, via email/School Reach and/or posted on our social media outlets.  The Virtual Backpack will offer an additional and streamlined approach to finding information for the school.  Please be sure to bookmark the Virtual Backpack for easy access to information. 


Those wishing to submit information to be posted must do so by emailing flyers or information in PDF form to

To better serve our school, parishes and local communities we have made edits to our Virtual Backpack to make it more user-friendly for all.  We apologize for the delay of uploading information while we were in the process of making these edits. Thank you for patience, we appreciate  you! 




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