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LA STOMPA - 2017-18 Archives

Welcome to La Stompa - Home of Frassati Catholic Academy's official newspaper!

Frassati Catholic Academy middle school students have the opportunity to participate in a Newspaper Club hosted by our dedicated parent volunteer, Mr. Huner.  The club's primary goal is to research, write, edit, take photos and publish a newspaper to be distributed to Frassati Catholic Academy students and families bi-weekly. 

Middle school students come together to write about topics that are happening at our Frassati campuses, world wide events, poetry, comics and stories. The La Stompa Newspaper is an extracurricular club that provides an opportunity for students to develop their speaking, listening, and writing, as well social skills, in a setting that simulates the work of news reporters.  For example students are assigned teachers and staff to interview by asking questions about school and classroom activities.  Reporters take notes and use them to develop headlines and articles that they type themselves for the newspaper. 


For more information about the Newspaper Club, please contact

Mr. Huner 



The Newspaper Club hosts meetings weekly during lunch/recess and works throughout the week to gather information. La Stompa is published and distributed bi-weekly on Tuesdays and distributed in the Wednesday Folders. .



La Stompa club members must be in 6th-8th Grade at Frassati Catholic Academy.   All members must have appropriate classroom behavior, follow the guidelines given by the parent volunteer, attend meetings regularly, and meet deadlines to continue participation in the club.

History of La Stompa


Frassati Catholic Academy middle school students started La Stompa as an Elective Course for students 6th-8th grade during the 2016-2017 school year.  Students gained skills including how to research, write, edit, and take photos for a newspaper reflecting stories and issues predominantly in regards to middle school.  Interest grew throughout the year and with the 2017-2018 school year the Elective Course was modified into an extracurricular club to report on preschool-8th grade Frassati Catholic Academy happenings and other current events. 

The name of the paper, La Stompa, remained the same as the previous year but is meant to reflect the newspaper Pier Giorgio Frassati's family took over in 1895 entitled La Stampa.  Our students decided to add an American touch  and spell it with an "o" as that is how the original paper was pronounced in its Italian native tongue.  

The original paper, titled the Gazzetta Piemontese,  was founded by Vittorio Bersezio in February 1867.  In 1895, the newspaper was bought by Pier Giorgio Frassati's father, Alfredo Frassati.  It was at this time the paper was given its current name and national perspective based out of Turin, Italy.  Turin is also the birthplace of Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati. 

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